I really love teaching. From beginners that are just learning how to play the guitar, to more advanced students who are trying to improve their advanced playing skills, I love seeing the spark in students' eyes when they understand a musical concept. Playing guitar requires passion and patience, and I bring both to my lessons.


I have been a guitar teacher for more than ten years and I have developed my own teaching approach that has helped many students of various skill level. As a teacher, I modify my lessons and style accordingly to each students' interest and level to help them achieve the goals they have set out for themselves. I see it as my responsibility to provide each student with the right tools to help overcome any problems that prevent them from playing and sounding the way they want. As a musician and educator, I push all of my students forward by giving them the right exercises for their specific skill level and teach them how to practice effectively.


For more advanced students who have mastered the general concepts of the guitar, I challenge them with more advanced theoretical concepts of music because I believe that it is important for each student to understand the musical concepts behind guitar playing so that they could continue to develop their musical style and ambitions on a deeper level. I also help students tap deeper into their creative side to reveal a world of unlimited musical possibilities. For some, it may include helping them find their sound and comfort on stage by getting some stage experience in different jam sessions and musical collaborations.  I am a strong believer of putting the time and practicing in order to improve points of weakness. 

Lessons are reasonably priced and are either 30 minutes or an hour. I have a well-equipped teaching studio or I can teach you in the comfort of your own home if you chose the hour-long lesson. Please drop me a line or give me a call in order to schedule a lesson. All levels are welcome. I can provide student references upon request for those that are interested in starting their lessons.


I guarantee that lessons with me will improve the way you play.